Beginning to keep chickens may sound like a venture reserved only for farmers, but this is not at all the case, especially today. We all want to know what is in our food, and what enters our children’s mouths. The power that comes with the freedom to produce one’s own food is priceless. Here are some tips to keep your chickens- and you!- safe:

When keeping chicken coops in winter, do not forget these three key facts:
1. Chickens need extra grain to keep them warm and also to compensate for lack of grass and insects.

2. Keeping the coop filled with the recommended amount of chickens helps produce enough body heat for the comfort and health of all the chickens.

3. Always make sure your chickens have water…not ice.

Even when it’s not winter time, your chickens also have some critical housing needs. Here are four guidelines:

1. Most coop guides suggest approximately two square feet of space per adult bird. More is always better.

2. At a bare minimum, the coop should be easy to clean, well ventilated but draft-free, include clean watering and feeding stations, and offer adequate roosts.

3. Dirt floors can work where the soil is sandy and the drainage reasonable, but a wooden floor is vastly easier to clean and protect. We recommend our Glassboard surface for ease of cleaning.

4. Good bedding, such as sawdust (untreated wood only). wood shavings, or chopped straw is ideal.

Please, we welcome you to browse our website and see our many additional heating and warming options for your new hen house. From Heated Roosts to Chicken Runs and Solar Power Options, we want to ensure that you and your chickens have everything needed for freedom, joy, and health, especially when keeping chicken coops in winter!

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