When we speak about hen houses and raising chickens, you may first think of meat, eggs, or green pastures. But chickens have the potential to be a gardener’s best friends, because one, they fertilize, and two, they control pests. It’s all in the chicken manure!

1. Fertilizer: Chicken poo is one of the most beneficial gardening fertilizers around, and the interestingly bucolic scent of Lancaster County stands in fertile testimony to this fact. If you decide to purchase a Tractor hen house, you can take advantage of this organic fertilizer with ease. Or simply mix the soil and the natural chicken manure fertilizer and distribute it by hand. Whatever it is you decide, your chickens’ poo will work wonders for your vegetable garden.

2. Pest Control: If you decide to let your chickens venture outside their coops (which we recommend), they become natural pest fighters. Ticks begin to disappear. Grasshoppers are no match. Everything else that moves, crawls, or slithers is fair game: moths, worms, snakes, and frogs. Chickens even de-flee household pets. It is not an uncommon sight to see a chicken pecking carefully at a forgiving cat. One could say they are even doing one other a favor!

A word of warning:
In spite of the natural and beautiful relationship between gardens and chickens, it is important to allow only a few to range at a time, and to restrict the time they are left alone. If you allow too many chickens to roam at a time, they can, and often will, do damage to your garden. This is easily avoided by allowing only about three to roam at a time, and only allowing them at certain times to go without a watchful eye.
If you have any more questions, or you want to learn more about raising chickens and cultivating chicken manure, please let us know. We look forward to sharing our stories. Call us at 717-205-2660 or visit our website.

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