“Ordering the coop was a pleasant experience. You obviously know your product and it’s application! I ordered an option that I didn’t need and you were quick to point that out. Made me feel like you wanted to give me the best product at a fair price..not just trying to sell extras for the sake of selling. The coop arrived within the time frame I was expecting. The driver was friendly and courteous, and obviously experienced at hauling and placing the coops. I was concerned about placing such a large coop myself so I paid extra to have it placed. It was certainly worth the extra money! The coop arrived and was placed with no damage. There was touch up paint included but I didn’t need it! Love the electric package too. I love my chicken coop AND my chickens do too”

Quetin, Oak Grove, MO

Quaker 7x12 Chicken Coop

“We love our chicken coop as a matter of fact our girls (chickens) love it even more. We got 5 chickens for this coop and they give us 5 eggs every day. We have been told that it is unusual for chickens to produce at 100%. I guess it is the room they have combined with tender loving care that keeps them happy. I would recommend this coop any time.”

Chris, Coatesville, PA

A-Frame 5x7 Combination Chicken Coop

“Last year we were researching Chicken Coop’s and came across your website. We took a chance and boy am I very glad that I did! I especially appreciated the options that you provided and could not be happier with our new coop. We have VERY Happy girls. I have seen other coops with the same design but the craftsmanship of the Lancaster Chicken Coops have been the best that I have seen. We had the coop delivered and this was an extra that was most helpful as we did not have a means to transport to our home. Thank you very much and I would definitely recommend a Lancaster Chicken Coop.”

Wendy, Jefferson, MD

Dutch 4x4 Chicken Coop

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much to Lancaster Chicken Coops for our lovely chicken coop! It arrived today and we could not be happier. Our experience with your company was fantastic, from meeting the builders, ordering with Christine, all the way to Abner delivering the coop. Everyone was polite, professional, cheerful and knowledgeable. I am so excited for our hens to move into their new home.”

Sally, Bethlehem, PA

Quaker 6x8 Combination Coop

Please tell us about your experience with our company, our represtentatives and of course, your coop! We love your feedback.:

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