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Quaker chicken coops just look great and many models are large enough that you can go inside the coop. Quaker style chicken coops have access to eggs from the outside making egg collection convenient. Add the glassboard floor option for super easy clean-up and on smaller models, add a pull out liter tray to make the clean-up job even easier.

Combination chicken coops are a complete solution. By combining the coop and the run, we’ve made raising chickens in your backyard so much easier. We can even add wire under your run to help prevent predators from gaining access to your chickens. Did you know that our larger combination coops now have space under the coop area because chickens just love to hang out under the coop during warm weather?

Keep Your Chickens Safe and Save $100 off the Safe Coops Options Package. Call (717) 205-2660 for more info! Dismiss