It is amazing how in every type of trade there is always a large amount of very unique vocabulary. Chicken raising is no exception. Here are just 10 terms that you might find handy as you begin to think about (or continue) raising backyard chickens.

  1. The American Standard of Perfection

A big book which lists the official breed standards for the poultry fancy in North America.

  1. Cockerel

The term for a male chicken under the age of 1 year

  1. Dusting

Chicken bathing. They thrash around in the dirt and the dust in order to clean themselves.

  1. Intensity of lay

The amount of eggs a hen lays in a particular period of time

  1. Nest egg

An artificial egg (perhaps wooden or plastic) placed in a particular location in order to lead a hen to lay there

  1. Persistency of lay

The ability for a hen to lay eggs over a particular period of time

  1. Pullet

A female chicken under the age of 1 year

  1. Sire

The father chicken

  1. Unthrifty

Failure for a chicken to thrive

10. Wattles

The fleshy red part of a chicken hanging beneath its beak

Now that you have some of the vocabulary down, you might consider reading a little bit more about raising chickens. There is great freedom is knowing how and from where you receive your food. With backyard chickens, you can be sure of your eggs. And with significant more nutrients, too! If you have any specific questions, please, do not hesitate to give us a call. We’ve been in this business for a while, and we are sure we can help you out.

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