6x8 Combination Coop, Quaker style w/ Board and Batton siding

In-Stock- Quaker 6×8 Combination – Cedar Stain and Walnut Brown Shingles

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  • Holds 10-14 Chickens
  • Please see below for detailed specifications
  • Handmade Chicken Coops

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Coops are completely built when they arrive except items that may be damaged during shipping. We Deliver in the Continental US.
Delivery Timing for Chicken Coops
– About 3-4 Weeks in PA, DE, MD, NJ, and NY
– About 4-6 Weeks Nationwide

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Superior Quality Chicken Coop with Attached Covered Run

chickenHolds 10-14 Chickens

    • In-Stock Delivery in 2-4 Weeks
    • Fully Pre-Built Chicken Coop with Covered Run
    • Shipping to Continental US
    • Exact Placement of Coop in Your Yard
    • Great for Backyards
    • One of Our Most Secure Coops
    • Wheels Can Be Added
    • Handmade Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops – Comes with

    • Board and Batton Siding
    • Cedar Stain
    • Walnut Brown Shingles

Chicken Coops – Specifications

    • 6′ x 4′ Chicken Coop
    • 6′ x 4′ x 6’5″ Tall Run
    • 6′ x 8′ Total Run Area
    • 4 Nesting Boxes with Dividers
    • 2 Roosting Bars
    • 51″ Inside Max Height
    • 14″ Off Ground
    • 1″ x 2″ Vinyl Coated Galvanized Wire on Run
    • Exterior Dimensions are 93″ x 102″ x 77″

Comes Standard With:

      • Pressure Treated Legs and Runners
      • Keyed Entry Person Door on Left Side of Coop
      • Door Size is 22″ x 58.5″
      • Chicken Door/Ramp on Right Side of Coop
      • Keyed Entry Person Door on Run
      • Run Door Size is 22″ x 66″
      • Ventilation Lid
      • 2 Slider Windows with Screens
      • 30 yr Architectural Shingles
      • Aluminum Drip Edge
      • LP Tech Shield Roof Sheathing

As Always

      • Many Options to Choose from – Please See Below.
      • We Are Here to Help – Call Us at 717-205-2660.

Model No. ISQ68C

In-Stock Chicken Coops

Fully-Built Chicken Coops

Our chicken coops are delivered fully built unless you request a kit. Fully-build means that the entire structure of the coop will be built and the only thing you will be required to do is place the chicken ramp at the chicken door entrance. Exceptions to note are items that will not survive shipping such as solar panels, weather vanes and cupolas.

Delivery Timing for Chicken Coops

  • About 1-2 Weeks in PA, DE, MD, NJ, and NY
    About 2-4 Weeks Nationwide

Delivery Prices

Delivery prices are different depending on your location and whether you choose curbside or in-place delivery in your yard. Please use the tool provided on this page or call us for a delivery quote.

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