Epoxy Floor

Our Epoxy Floor is super resilient to damage and moisture making coop cleaning much easier. It is a smooth surface with a little texture. The application process requires four steps so it is a very high quality finish that is durable and will last. This option is more about convenience and keeping your coop clean, and it one of our top options so we’ve included it in most of our options packages.

Wire Over Windows

Wire over the Windows is essential to keep raccoons from getting your chickens. We use 1/2” x 1/2” vinyl coated galvanized wire for this option. The wire is put on from the outside because raccoons typically push inward so the wire will resist their attempts at chicken access longer. This option is essential for safety so we’ve included it in all of our options packages.

Electric Package w/ Timer

The Electric Package can be used to power the heaters and auto chicken doors for the Warm Coop Options Package. It includes an industrial light, one recepticle, and a switch or timer. Many people use the outlets to plug in a heated water bowl or their own space heaters in winter. Fun fact: our electric package is wired by an Amish electrician on Thursdays. As you may know, fires in chicken coops can be devastating and that is why we are serious about creating a safe way for you to have power in your coop. The wiring we provide for you is professionally installed and secured to help keep your chickens safe.

Clean-Out Lid

The Clean-Out Lid is a single lid at floor level. People love this option because for a full coop cleaning, the litter from the bottom of the coop can simply be pushed right out the back of the coop and into a wheelbarrow, trash can or onto a tarp.

Wifi Module Addition

The Wi-Fi Module can be added to both the Solar and Electric Auto Door. With this module you can control your door right from your phone. Real time coop door status and coop temperature, battery charge status and access to a live stream from a Coop Cam (sold separately). You can view all this from the app or receive email and sms alerts. You can also configure the settings on your door from your phone.

Heavy Duty Nesting Box Latches

A set of two Heavy Duty Nesting Box Latches are rubber latches added to either side of your exterior nesting boxes lid. This prevents animals like sneaky raccoons from opening your lid and accessing your eggs and chickens. This is only available for coops in the Quaker and Dutch styles.

Insulated Ceiling or Insulated Metal Roof

The Insulated Ceiling or Metal Roof provides extra insulation for your roof, to keep you coop warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Space Heater w/ Safety Shelf

Our Space Heater with high up shelf is a great and safe way to warm your chicken coop. Remember that chickens don’t do well in heat so keep it at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or less for happy chickens. We recommend against heating your chickens with a heat lamp as they have caused many chicken coop fires and are really dangerous. To avoid hazards, our shelf is out of the way of your playful chickens. Our space heater also has a tip over function, that shuts it off, if it falls or is knocked over.

Finished Interior

A Finished Interioris a key component in a totally sanitizable, washable, chicken coop interior. We customize vinyl paneling to the interior of your coop, use plastic molding, and give it a watertight seal in all seams and openings. You will also have washable poly nesting box dividers.

Exhaust Fan w/ Thermostat

Keep your chicken coop ventilated with an Electric Exhaust Fan w/ Thermostat. Our coops come standard with ventilation lids but chicken coops gather a large amount of moisture and ammonia in both winter and summer. The addition of a mechanical exhaust system will help to pull air through the coop and keep fumes and moisture levels down.

Poly Nesting Box Dividers

Washable poly nesting box dividers for easier cleaning.

Additional Vent Lid or Window

Our coops come standard with one ventilation lid along the back of your coop but sometimes you’ll want a little more than that. Add and Extra Ventilation Lid can add more airflow to your coop but also closes when you need to keep heat in. This extra lid typically goes along the wall of the coop with the chicken door. Or you can add an Extra Window for more exterior visibility into the coop, extra air flow, or maybe just because you like the way it looks with more windows!

Advanced Auto Chicken Door – Electric

The Advanced Auto Chicken Door – Electric will help keep your chickens locked safely inside the coop at night and give them access to their run during the day. You won’t have to worry that the coop is closed at night if you’re out at dinner or the movies.

The Advanced Auto Chicken Door comes installed in your coop. When you have the electric package it will be connected to an outlet on the chicken door side of the coop.

The Advanced Auto Chicken Door has data tables that tell it when sunrise and sunset is in your area (as chickens go in and out of the coop based on daylight). You set the door to open and close based on the timing you want. Set-up is simple and takes five to ten minutes.

Double Clean-out Lid w/ Litter Tray

The Double Clean-out Lid w/ Litter Trays are a fantastic way to do weekly hen house cleanings without the hassle of removing the litter from the entire coop. This option includes two lids, that run along the back of the coop. The lowest one allows the customer to open the lid and sweep out any mess that gets on the floor of the coop. The second lid is just above the first and allows access to the litter tray. The litter tray is a lightweight but thick and durable poly. These trays sit just under the roosting bars, the area where the chickens sleep at night, so the bulk of the waste is exactly under the roosting bars. We add wire under the roosting bars to prevent chickens from sitting in the tray and making themselves messy.

Combination Coop Additions

Hinged Combo Run Clean-Out

For Combination Style chicken coops we have added a Hinged Clean-Out for the area of run below the coop. This allows easy access to the run under the coop for cleaning and to grab any stray eggs. This is also offered w/ Chicken Defender Wire.

Wire Under Run

Wire Under the Run is a great way to make sure that burrowing animals do not have access to your chickens. The wire can be covered with sand that you can rake clean for regular cleaning and change out annually. Chickens will still be able to scratch around and be safe too. We use ½” x 1/2’” vinyl coated galvanized wire for this option.

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