Customers often want to use their same coop paint color on additions to their coop. If you would like to do this please contact our paint vendor at – Haley Paint Company (717) 299-6771. They would be more than happy to ship those out to you.

Below is a list of the paint colors we use on our coops and the number you will need to request from our paint vendor.

Vendor Paint
Clay880 815
Tan880 804
Buckskin880 811
White880 115
Red880 300
Ronks Gray880 791
DK Gray880 750
Chestnut880 802
Hunter Green880 533
Beige880 816
DK Brown880 207
Blue880 601
Pequea Green880 514
Black880 700
Navajo White880 147
Almond880 835
Pink880 002
Navy Blue880 005

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