Flocking to the diner this morning? Relax. The kitchen is right out back, and Daisy the chicken is already waiting for you.

These five health benefits of keeping your own eggs are hard to beat:

1. Hormone free. Natural eggs decrease the risk of superbugs brought on by overexposure to antibiotics and GMOs.

We know you want your chickens to be happy and produce great eggs. You are your hen’s mentor. So instead of exposing your feathery friends to unnatural toxins and hazardous steroids, you let them run and graze freely. And before you even know it, there they are, striding along with pride and strength.

2. Vitamin heavy. A natural egg’s yolk is packed with serious nutrition, plain and simple.

Eggs produced by free-range hens contain twice the vitamin E found in commercial eggs, and three to six times the vitamin D content of regular eggs. While your chickens stride freely, your health- and your chickens- will thank you. No tricks, no mysteries. It’s simply natural.

3. Uncomplicatedly Tasty. Free-range eggs just taste better.

When you really give your chickens free, open spaces, a bright taste of morning of sun, and a natural diet, they produce eggs that taste like- well, the way eggs are supposed to taste.

Beginning to raise chickens may seem like a big investment. We thought so too. Please give us a call at 717-205-2660. We’d love to talk with you and share our stories.

Our website address is www.lancasterchickencoop.com.

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