We here at Lancaster Chicken Coops really believe a hen house is a a little home for your hens- every detail can make a difference. Here are four important tips to keep in mind:

1. The proper door for the chicken entrance can make a big difference. Not only do will you see value in a good quality latch for the door to close, but also for holding it open! Your chickens do not want to be locked out of their own home.

2. One inch by two inch sturdy mesh inside the ventilation door keeps birds and predators out of the hen house while still allowing extra ventilation for your hens. Keep the predators out, and the fresh air in!

3. A sturdy and well designed lid for the nesting boxes keeps the lid heavy enough to keep predators out but still allows you to easily remove eggs. If the predators are out, and the fresh air flowing- your hand is still missing!

4. Adding wheels to your hen house allows you to move the structure and fertilize your whole lawn at the same time. Moving your chickens around keeps them from getting bored and allows them to graze on fresh grass. There are several styles of wheels, including one that allows you to lower the hen house to the ground and then jack it back up to move it. We welcome you to browse our many options online or give us a call at 717-205-2660.

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