You are what you eat. And with your backyard chickens, you are what they eat! The more healthy nutrition you provide for your egg-laying hens, the healthier you will be too. Chickens need a good balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 

There are many different cool ways to ensure that your chickens are receiving the vitamins and minerals they need. One way is mixing oyster shells with your feeds. Laying eggs quickly reduces your chicken’s calcium levels, and oyster shells are replete with– and pretty much essentially– calcium.

If you let your chickens run freely, which is highly recommended for their well-being, you can allow them to find insects and worms. These are heavy in the proteins they need for healthy growth and egg-laying.

You can even provide your chickens with fresh fruits and vegetables, perhaps scraps from your own tables (as long as they are fresh!). This is not only a treat, but an essential source of organic nutrients your birds have been yearning after so much dry feed

And if you want to ensure your birds have the best feed (and you, the best eggs), instead of conventional store-bought feeds, feel free to ask us about local high quality certified organic chicken feed. We can point you in some healthy directions

Finally, if it’s not a given, always provide your chickens with clean, fresh water. You might be surprised to see how quickly it depletes of itself!

If you keep these things in mind and continually seek to implement them, you and your backyard chickens will see the healthy consequences for many years to come.

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