The floor of your chicken coop is made of wood. Some customers choose to put linoleum, glass board, rubberized roof coating or epoxy on the floor to make cleaning easier. We use an industrial epoxy with a four-step process to coat the floor of our chicken coops when you choose to purchase this option from us. Our epoxy floor can be easily cleaned and washed down. It is one of our top two options that we recommend and sell.

Our epoxy floor is super resilient to damage and moisture making coop cleaning much easier. It is a smooth surface with a little texture. The application process requires four steps so it is a very high-quality finish that is durable and will last. This option is more about convenience and keeping your coop clean, and it one of our top options so we’ve included it in most of our options packages.

Extras Info for Those Who Want to Know

A deep bed of pine shavings can be used on the floor of your coop. How often you change it out is up to you based on the health and well-being of your birds. 2x per year to monthly is common.

Other materials can be used like hay or straw but they are not as absorbent.


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