Duck Houses for Sale

A few modifications to our standard line of loved chicken coops gives you the perfect duck coop! You’ll need bigger nest boxes, of course you won’t need the roosting bars, and a 12″ wide by 16″ high opening for your duck door will work much better than the smaller standard chicken door. That’s it. Your ducks will enjoy the safe, secure, comfortable duck house. We make our duck houses from scratch so choose from our standard line and request the standard duck modification package at no extra cost or create your own. We can help with the design or tell us about the custom duck house that meets your needs and we will build it for you.

Call (717) 205-2660 with questions or to order your Amish made duck house.

Duck Coops Can Be Delivered Anywhere in the Continental US. They Will Arrive Fully Built.

Duck deck has composite decking 12″ to 14″ high with 4x4 legs and composite skirting around the sides. Tub is approx 2x4x1′ deep

6x6 Deck with Pond is $840

4x6 Deck with Pond is $660

In a covered run, leave space in run for ducks to go into grass.


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