Deterring Predators from Your Chicken Coop and Run

Deterring foxes, owls, hawks, raccoons, snakes, rodents and seemingly every darn animal from getting to your chickens can be a bit overwhelming. Our coops keep your chickens as safe as possible at night when they are locked inside but keeping your run safe needs to be a priority. We are focusing on keeping chickens safe when they are in one of our enclosed coops and in the run. Here are some methods for keeping predators out.

Keeping Predators Out of Your Chicken Coop

  • Wire Over the Coop Windows

The most popular option that we sell is wire over the windows of the chicken coop. Our windows have a standard screen like those you typically have in your home. In no way would a house screen keep a raccoon or other wily animal away from your chickens. We use a galvanized steel, poly coated 1/2″ x 1/2″ for standard wire over the windows. For seriously strong wire over your coop windows, try the heavy duty wire over the windows. It is made of galvanized welded wire.

  • Wire Under the Floor of the Coop

Most customers do not have situations that require this level of protection for their chickens. Fortunately, for those that do, we can add wire under the floor of your coop. We can add the galvanized steel, poly coated 1/2″ x 1/2″ to help deter rodents from biting their way through the wood floor of the coop. This isn’t a common need, but for peace of mind and some situations, it may be what you require.

  • Auto Chicken Door and Cameras Too

At night, your chickens will be safer if they are locked securely inside the coop. For convenience and to help out on those occasion when you don’t happen to be home at the time of the sun setting, our Auto Chicken Door is a huge help. The optional automatic chicken door can be set on a timer or controlled from your phone. You can also choose to view your chickens from you phone or computer with the camera option. Both of these options offer additional safety and peace of mind.

Keeping Predators Out of Your Chicken Run

  • Trenching

To deter animals from digging a way into your run by burrowing, dig a 6” deep trench around the outer perimeter of your chicken run. Bury half inch by half inch galvanized, plastic coated wire in the ground around the run and attach it to the runners. This will deter most predators. A pick ax, trenching machine can be used for trenching along with a shovel and pitch fork (good for loosening soil).

  • Railroad Ties

Some can totally deter predators simply by placing railroad ties around the perimeter of their chicken runs.

  • Wire on the Ground

Some can keep predators out of their runs using twelve to eighteen inches of welded wire placed on the ground around the perimeter of their chicken runs. The wire should be secured to the base of the run to keep it in place and to keep it snug against the run.

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