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Below you will find photos and information based on some of the most asked questions about our chicken coop options.




What's the Difference between the Upgraded Classic Chicken Coop and a regulor 'ol Premium Chicken Coop?

Classic chicken coops include:

1. Wider Molding – that is what is setting off the look along with

2. Steeper Roof Pitch – combined with

3. Wider Roof Overhangs – that also protect the coop and offer greater longevity to your structure.

4. Our Large Classic Coops include Cupolas and Weather Vanes as well as either an Insulated Metal Roof, or a Insulated Architectural Shingle Roof

5. Transom Door – or, Door with a Window

6. Choice of Any Premium Siding Option including: Lapp Siding, Board and Batten Siding and DuraTemp Siding.

Shown Above – A-Frame 6×10 Classic Coop with Lapp Siding painted Cream and Fox Hollow Gray Architectural Shingles.

Optional Red Cedar Siding Before & After PAINTING


Optional Attached Back Storage Box


Classic vs Traditional



Shown are two examples of the classic style coop. Both include standard options for our Classic style.*

The A-Frame Style 7 x 12 Combination Chicken Coop with Run with Roof has 50 yr warrantied DuraTemp siding. The primary color is Avocado and the trim color is Navajo White. The insulated metal roof color is brown.

The Quaker Style 5 x 8 Chicken Coop has a 50 yr warrantied DuraTemp siding. The primary color is Tan and the trim color is White. The roof has Barkwood colored architectural shingles.


Classic A-Frame 7 x 12 Combination

Chicken Coop
with Run with Roof

Front View

Classic A-Frame 7 x 12 Combination

Chicken Coop
with Run with Roof

Back View

Classic Quaker 5x8 

Chicken Coop
Front View

Classic Quaker 5x8 

Chicken Coop
Back View


  • Entry Door with Transom Windows
  • Wider Trim
  • Trim Color on Roof Edge
  • Steeper Roof Pitch (taller coop height)
  • 6″ Overhangs on Gable Ends
  • Insulated Metal Roof


  • Copper Weather Vane
  • 18″ Copper Roof Cupola with Windows


In-Stock Coops Options May Vary. This Includes the Options on Our Classic Coops. Our In-Stock Coops are Priced Based on the Options Installed. We Will Let You Know Which Options are on the Coop and You Will have the Opportunity to Add Options (Most, but not all options can be added to in-stock coops.) or have a Custom Coop Made for You.


Images of the options we have discussed are shown below.

Ventilation Options for Your Chicken Coop


Exhaust Fan with Thermostat

Controlling oders and keeping air moving in a chicken coop is essential on hot days. The exhaust fan that we install in our coops has a thermometer and can be set to automatically come on when the temperature inside the coop reaches the temperature that you have set.


Sturdy Screen Door

An Excellent  Choice to Increase Coop Airflow During the Day. The Door Uses 1/2″ x 1/2″ Wire to Protect Your Hens.

(It’s the same wire that we use on the run.)

Exhaust Fan with Thermostat

Outside View



Exhaust Fan with Thermostat

Inside View

Easy Clean Options for Your Chicken Coop

Double Clean-Out Lids with Litter Trays

Keeping Your Coop Clean – Quickly

Clean-Out Lids

The upper clean-out is used to remove the litter trays from outside the coop. We usually do this in the back of the coop.

The lower clean-out, often used for monthly cleanings, is closed. It latches open in the same way that the upper clean-out does.

Especially on larger coops, 5x8 and larger, the lower clean-out is a time saver for monthly coop cleaning. The litter that is used on the floor can easily be pushed out through the open lower, floor level, clean-out onto a tarp or into a wheelbarrow. Pushing the old litter through the person door is also possible however, veteren chicken keepers will usually order their coops with the simple clean-out lid because it truley does cut down the time and effort required to clean a chicken coop.

Litter Trays

The litter trays are only under the roosting bars where the hens sleep at night. This is were most of the mess is in the coop – we figure about 80%. This lets you focus your weekly quick clean on the big stuff and keeps the trays light enough for you to easily lift.

The litter trays are made of a pet-safe, durable, lightweight material. You can plan on emptying and rinsing them on a weekly basis if you like.


Back of Coop with Ventillation Lid & Floor Level Clean Out Lids


Interior VIew of Coop with Clean Out Trays s with Covers


Back Exterior View of Coop with Ventillation Lid at Top, Clean-Out Lid with Trays in Middle, and Floor Level Clean Out Lid Near Bottom


Finished Interior & Finished Ceiling

Sealed with Silicone

Poly Nesting Box Dividers


Epoxy Floor and The Electric Package

Epoxy Floor


Our epoxy floor is super resilient to damage and moisture making coop cleaning much easier. It has a smooth surface with a little texture. The application process requires four steps so it is a very high quality finish that is durable and will last.

Electric Package


The electric package is used to power the heated roost and the electric advanced auto chicken door, the space heater. It includes an industrial light and two outlets. Many people use the extra outlet to plug in a heated water bowl in winter. As you may know, fires in chicken coops can be devastating and that is why we are serious about creating a safe way for you to have power in your coop. The wiring we provide for you is professionally installed and secured to help keep your chickens safe. As the Amish guys say, never use a heat lamp in a chicken coop.

Door Options


Standard Feature

Standard Decorative Person Door

Ventilation Option

1/2″ x 1/2″ Sturdy Wire Screen Door

Style Option

Beaded Pine Transom Door

Style Option

Arc Door


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