It is no secret that factory farming (also known as industrial farming) produces less-than perfect eggs and poultry. As genetically modified foods and cramped livestock raising become more commonplace, people are searching for more information about food health and safety.

Now scientists continue to conclude that, indeed, stressful livestock is unhealthy livestock.

The poor living conditions of factory farmed chickens exaggerates the same stress-hormonal mechanisms in chickens which promote the growth of Campylobacter, an infection passable to humans.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Campylobacter is a foodborne bacteria that infects an estimated 2.4 million people each year and is one of the top causes of foodborne illness in the United States. The symptoms of Campylobacter are similar to salmonella, and include vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and fever.

Even in the most healthiest of chickens Campylobacter may thrive, and it is easily passed from chickens to humans via contact with infected feces and water. The more stressed the bird, the more easily the bacteria grow and move into greater muscular areas, infecting hundreds of breasts which lay refrigerated in your local supermarket, and making potential infection unavoidable during food preparation.

The solution is simple: Care for your own chickens. Our chicken coops give you the freedom and agency to know what you put on your table. Stress-free and healthy chickens will give you want you want– a stress-free and healthy family with great eggs and poultry meat.

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