Chickens have been domesticated for thousands of years, and there are hundreds and hundreds of diverse and distinct breeds. Here are five simple selections for you to consider for your new hen house:

1. Rhode Island Red.

The Rhode Island Red is the poultry cranberry of New England. They are great layers of brown eggs, have a good disposition, and quite frankly, they are a good looking chicken. Great for kids!

2. Buff Orpington.

A chubby chicken from Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom. The Buff Orpington lays brown eggs, and is very docile. These quite courteous chickens do not really mind small spaces, and with the help of a heated roost, they are well sturdy during winters.

3. Barred Rock.

The Barred Rock boasts an interesting black and white striped pattern. This fancy chicken is prone to stubbornness, but if treated right and given the proper amenities, this ornate breed lays frequently and bountifully. Your hen house will proposer!

4. Americauna.

This fuzzy-faced, large chicken lays wonderful blue eggs, and is generally a friendly, bearded choice.

5. White Leghorn.

An emblematic breed of chicken, prone to bountiful egg-laying and sometimes unpredictable behaviors. Treat this chicken properly and forgivingly and she will never stop leaving you breakfast.

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