1. External Parasites (ticks, mites, etc.)
-Most of these annoyances are treated with products available from your local rural merchandiser. Have you read our post on Diatomaceous Earth?
2. Red Mites
Red mites cause much more problems than regular ticks and mites, and require more attention:
1. Backyard chickens infected with red mites will stop or slow down laying eggs, hesitate to roost in their normal areas, and may become anemic.
2. In order to check and prevent, take a white tissue and wipe along the underside of perches at night, where birds are roosting. Look for tell tale blood smears.
3. Check often, as red mites multiply quickly and are hard to get rid of if caught after they begin to swarm.
3. Feeding Incorrectly
1. Table scraps, although occasionally OK, do not provide the necessary diet needed to promote good egg laying and long life.
2. Restricting feeding purely to grass will not provide your chickens with necessary nutrition, also. Today’s breed of chicken cannot survive on the same diet as her forefathers thirty years ago.
3. Make sure wild birds do not have access to your chickens’ water and feed containers.
4. Backyard chickens need twice as much water as they do feed. If you do not use an automatic waterer, change water daily and make sure there is always plenty available. lack of sufficient water will take a large toll on the health of a chicken quite quickly, as they need water in order to properly digest food.

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