Your backyard chickens produce about 1 cubic foot of poop every six months- what are you to do with it all!? With a flock of birds running around, it is no surprise that chicken coop manure quickly collects. If you’re a gardener (or maybe now you will want to start!), that great big mess of stink will become more valuable than you could have ever imagined. Your chickens’ poop is packed with decomposed little critters, worms, and bacteria which do wonders for plant and vegetable life. Before you start implementing chicken coop manure, here’s what you should know:

1. Raw chicken manure is far too strong for direct use on your flowers and vegetables- it will actually kill them.

2. In addition to providing vital organic compounds for your growing plants and vegetables, composted chicken manure increases the water holding capacities of your soil.

3. Although chicken compost is a natural substance, when handling, take the necessary precautions and wear gloves.

4. Thoroughly wash all edible plants and vegetables which have been fertilized before eating. If you compost, it is recommended only the healthiest of individuals eat their composted vegetation raw.

Now, how do you go about the process of actually composting your backyard chicken manure? Follow these steps.

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