Amish Chicken Coops are constructed right.

There is no factory, there is no assembly line. Just country and quiet- and a bit more. With a rich history of lumbership and barn-raising, we do the full job, plain and simple, with three special ingredients: Uncompromising integrity, fresh lumber, and dose of elbow grease.

Known as “the plain people”, our Amish community is well rehearsed in the ins and outs of organized living. We have constructed small structures for farm storage, tools, and other equipment suited for the outdoors, and we understand what it takes to keep animals dry, healthy, and happy.

With your trust a top priority, our family-owned business is proud to offer you a full line of handcrafted Amish chicken coops at affordable prices. All designed for the comfort and safety of your feathered friends.

We’ve built relationships with our many neighbors here in Lancaster County, and we look forward to meeting your needs down south, out west, or wherever you find yourself.

Choose from a variety of styles and sizes- with a long list of standard features. Or let us customize your chicken coop to meet your specific needs. Either way, it’s sure to give your chickens something to cluck about!

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